In some unusual cases people taking Cialis mentioned a reduction in hearing or vision.

An overdose of Cialis is not anticipated to create dangerous health results, but the following ones are still possible and should be mentioned to your local emergency situation facility: indigestion, problem, flushing, priapism, discomfort in the spine, heartburn ( pyrosis ), runny or stale nose, and some various other ones.

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It's important to make certain you talk with a physician prior to using Cialis, particularly if you have pre-existing eye problems, high cholesterol, high blood diabetes, heart or stress disease.

Cialis needs to not be taken along with any sort of medicines contain nitrates, for instance nitroglycerin lotions, nitroglycerine medicines and isosorbide tablets, and also nitroglycerine areas, or leisure drugs poppers.

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You have to see your physician routinely and obtain refills, and also pay everything money.